Torrid Gift Card Balance Check | Detailed Balance Process

Our topic for today is the Torrid Gift Card Balance Check. After reading this article, you should be able to check your balance. We are going to give you a detailed explanation about the Torrid Gift Card Balance Check process. Kindly read the entire article and then decide which method is easy for you. Apart from the balance check, there is information about the gift cards too. Now the next section is all about the balance check process.

Torrid Gift Card Balance Check

This happens to be the main part of this article. In this paragraph, we will tell you about the Torrid Gift Card Balance Check process. Just like all the other balance check methods, this also has three ways. You can directly visit any store near you or call upon their toll-free number. And the last way left is the online method. Let us now discuss three of the methods in detail below:

Torrid Gift Card In-store Balance Check

If you are not very familiar with technology, this might be the best method for you. Simple and easy as it suggests, you have to personally visit a nearby store of Torrid. Remember to carry your gift card while you go to the store. Approach any staff or customer executive present there and ask them to help you out with the same. You may have to answer a few basic questions like your name and number.

However, the most important part is when you have to provide your gift card number. Since you are visiting them in person, you can just hand your gift card over to the person at the counter. The rest of the job is theirs to do after that. You can read the other two options below to decide which one to follow.

Torrid Gift Card Online Balance Check

So we come to the online method of the Torrid Gift Card Balance Check. Like all the other cards you do not have to log in to check your balance. Just follow the steps we have mentioned below and this will be really easy for you to get through:

  1. The first thing you have to do is to visit the official page and go to the gift card section. Here is the direct link to the page.Torrid Gift Card Balance Check
  2. The page must be looking similar to the picture here. As you can see the box asking for your gift card number.
  3. Enter your 16-digit gift card number which is at the backside of your card just below the barcode.
  4. Verify you are not a robot and proceed.
  5. Enter the pin when asked and click on ‘Check Balance.’ Your balance will appear on the screen.

Unless you have entered the wrong details, your balance will be shown. In case you are still facing any issue, visit a nearby store. Read more about the gift cards below.

Torrid Gift Card Balance Check Through Phone

Coming to the last method of the Torrid Gift Card Balance Check process. If not for the above two, you can make a call to the store to check your balance. If you know you can dial the number or go with our recommendation and dial this number 1 800 605 9417. Once the other person has responded to your call wait to know if it is computer operated or by an individual. React however the situation is like answer the prompted questions.

Torrid Gift Card Balance Check

In case it is computer operated, you will have to wait for the gift card option. Select the options that are announced and proceed. The most important part is to enter your gift card number and the pin. Turn your card and just below the barcode, is your gift card number- a 16-digit number. And your pin is under the scratch cover which you have to scrap. Once you have provided these details correctly, your balance will be conveyed to you on the call itself. You can choose to get an email statement of the same. We hope you have some clarity regarding the method we mentioned here.

Torrid Gift Card

Torrid Gift Card Balance Check

Just like all other gift cards, Torrid gives you two categories of gift cards. You can buy a physical gift card or an eGift Card. As this article is all about the Torrid Gift Card Balance Check, we thought you must know what type of cards are available and how you can avail them. You can purchase a gift card for yourself or your loved ones from a store or online. The physical or traditional gift cards will be mailed to your address within 4-7 days while an eGift card will be emailed to you at that time only.

The gift card denominations start from as low as $5-$500. There is no processing fee but you might have to pay shipping charges depending on your location. The best part again, Torrid gift cards do not expire. Also, you cannot redeem your earned points for cash, instead, you have to get that amount discounted on your next purchase.

Preface of Torrid

This store deals with plus-size products for women. Torrid was founded in the year 2001 with its headquarters in California, USA. It produces and sells all types of apparel like pants, dresses, jewelry, shirts, shorts, tops and many more. Currently Torrid has over 600 stores at different locations. As you must have read above about the various gift cards it offers. Avail one of them and get specials discounts and also earn bonus points on every purchase you make.


This was all about the Torrid Gift Card Balance Check. We sincerely hope that this article was helpful to you in some way at least. According to our research, we have tried to include all the relevant details here. However, if you still feel that we have missed out on anything important, do let us know in the comments below. Apart from this, also go through other articles on our site like the Amazon Gift card balance check until we come with new ones. Thank you for reading this and do drop your feedback in the comment box.

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