Southwest Gift Card Balance Check In Effortless Ways [2020]

Southwest Airlines is one of the major and well-known American airline company which provides domestic and international travel. The airline provides its passengers to travel 102 destinations in 40 different states. So, it is obvious if a large number of people are unknown from the procedure of the Southwest Gift Card Balance Check. But no worries. We have covered this topic in our today’s article. Additionally, we will get our hands dirty with some surface knowledge of a southwest gift card and other payment forms that Southwest offers. Want to get a Southwest Gift Card? Stick around with the article till the end. We got that too for you.

Southwest Gift Card Balance Check Process

So, in this article, you are going to see 3 ways for Southwest Gift Card Balance Checking. OK, these are the only ways to check though. The first 2 methods are completely effortless, they allow you to know your balance at home on your comfortable bed. The 3rd one is maybe a little bit laborious and involves physical work. You can go with any of them according to your convenience.

  • Check Balance Online
  • Check Balance with Phone Call
  • Balance Check at Kiosk

So, these are the 3 ways. Now, we will understand each of the 1-by-1. As we know that southwest gives many different options for payment don’t get confused using these methods on other payment options, these are only for Gift cards. To know more about other payment options on Southwest stay updated with our website.

Balance Check, Online

Just sit comfortably with some coke and snacks, open up your laptop or mobile make sure it has an internet connection. Get relaxed and follow the steps below for Southwest Gift Card Balance Checking at home.

  1. Click here to visit their official website or simply open up in chrome or any other browser you have.
  2. Login to your account and scroll down till the end.
  3. Here, in Southwest Products, click on Southwest Gift Card.Southwest Website
  4. You will get some user-friendly interface, click on Check Your Balance.
  5. Write down your Card number and Security code.Southwest Gift Card Balance Check - Online
  6. Complete the reCAPTCHA.
  7. Hit on Check Now.

Your Southwest Gift Card Balance is on the screen. With that, we have successfully completed 1 method. Difficult? wasn’t it right? Then also if you didn’t get it don’t worry we are still remaining with the other 2 methods. So, stay connected with us.

Balance Check, Phone Call

OKAY, in the first method sometimes the site may be unreachable because of some update or anything from their side. But if you got difficulty with the 1st one, no problem here’s the 2nd method to back you up, continue with this one. Here you don’t need to worry about any internet connection. Just dial the customer care and you are good to go.

Southwest Gift Card - Card number and PIN

  1. Here, call Southwest Airlines at 1-800-435-9792.
  2. Give your gift card number to the Southwest executive at the phone.
  3. DONE, you did nothing here. The executive will check the details provided by you and tell you the balance.

Maybe this one is the easiest among all the methods we discussed and going to discuss. Now you know 2 methods? right. The question may arise why to go for 3rd one, but in the worst case if both the above discussed Southwest Gift Card Balance Check methods don’t work due to some technical issues, etc. then you need to consider the 3rd method.

Balance Check, At Kiosk

This method is a bit laborious. In this Southwest Gift Card Balance Check process you need to knock the door of the nearest Southwest Airlines kiosk. OK, so this method drags you out from your bed, and that’s why we kept this one our least priority. But then its all your call to go with any of the methods, you’d like. If the Southwest kiosk is somewhere near you or in your area where you can drive then you can definitely go with this one. See the simple steps:Balance Check - At Koisk

  1. First, check the location of the nearest Southwest kiosk.
  2. Visit there and ask the staff member to check the balance for you.
  3. Provide your Gift Card number to the employee and he/she will tell you the balance.
  4. There you go, now you know the balance on your gift card.

This method allows you to connect face to face with the Southwest Airlines staff so you can get any other details or anything you want to know about Southwest face to face and then and there. Here there will be no connection problem. Also in the 2nd method if the phone call rarely didn’t receive or something like that happened, then this last method is effective, Agree to Disagree ?

So this was the 3 Southwest Gift Card Balance Checking processes. Quick revision, in the 1st method, Just a few online clicks, similarly in 2nd just a phone call, the same in 3rd just a visit to the nearest Southwest kiosk and you know your gift card balance. Now you know all of the methods so the balance checking should not be a problem for you.

Further, we will see what is a Southwest Gift Card and a glimpse of other 2 forms of payment which Southwest Airlines provide.

Southwest Gift Card

Southwest Gift Card

The above topic covered different Southwest Gift Card Balance Checking processes. Now, if you don’t know what is a Southwest gift card and what benefits you will unlock with those cards then this topic has covered you up.

Southwest gift cards are the best gift cards that allow you to gift your loved one’s gift of travel during holidays, birthdays, etc. Save some bucks using these discount cards. You can buy these gift cards in physical as well as electronic form ranging from $10 to $1000. You can buy their card online from their official website or by ringing them on 1-800-435-9792 or buying them from stores where they had approved to sell their gift card. Also, you can buy them online on Other forms of payment like Southwest LUV Vouchers and Travel Funds work more or less similar to gift cards but they have some different rules. To know more about other payment forms please check these website 


That was all about balance check processes and Southwest Gift Card. Here we have provided you with A-Z knowledge of balance checking processes of Southwest gift cards. This article was on Southwest Gift Card Balance Check we have written other similar articles with different categories including American Eagle for fashion, Ikea for home improvement, Apple for electronics and many more. We assume that this article will be of some help to you, comment down if you get any queries about today’s article. Don’t forget to give your precious feedback so that we can try our best, to provide you the best in the future.

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