Red Lobster Gift Card Balance Check With Easy Methods

Red Lobster is one of the most popular and loved international “Casual-Family” Restaurants, especially when it comes to Seafood. The Red Lobster chain is quite old (founded 51 years ago!) but its food amazes people even today.

Not only the different varieties of seafood are amazing but the offers provided by them are incredible too! So it is not surprising to have a Red Lobster Gift Card, especially when you live in the USA and are a seafood lover. But if you have any doubts or confusion for the Red Lobster Gift Card Balance Check then this article is for you.

Here I am going to share how to do Red Lobster Gift Card Balance Check in a very quick and easy way. It is very simple to do the Gift Card Balance Check. So read this whole column clearly to avoid any type of confusion.

Red Lobster Gift Card Balance Check

There are three steps to do Red Lobster Gift Card Balance Check. These steps are:

  • Visit Red Lobster Restaurant
  • Check Online
  • Call Red Lobster Restaurant

All of the above steps are really easy to do. I have given a detailed explanation below so keep scrolling for some tasty information.

1. Check In-Restaurant

This is the best option(or more of an excuse!) if you are thinking to give a visit to the restaurant. This option will also work if have any Red Lobster Restaurant near you or by any chance if you don’t know one then don’t worry! just go to Red Lobster USA store locator. This will help you find the Red Lobster Restaurants near you.

When you check in the Restaurant ask the cashier to do Red Lobster Gift Card Balance Check. Now you know the balance you have in your gift card.

Red Lobster Restaurant

But feeling lazy to go? Or thanks(not) to dieting that you have to avoid the delicious aroma in the restaurant or worst(food? never) the yummy food? Then do not worry and go ahead of the article to know how to do Red Lobster Gift Card Check at any place or any time!

2. Checking Online

You can also do your Red Lobster Gift Card Balance Check online. It is very simple to carry out this step! You will just need your Gift Card number and Pin Code. To check your gift card balance online follow the procedure given below.

Red Lobster Gift Card

First, go to A new page will open where you will be asked for your gift card details. Enter the 16 digit card number and the card pin code. Now click the Check Balance button. And in this way, you can know the balance of your Red Lobster gift card.

3. Calling Red Lobster

The Red Lobster Gift Card Balance Check can also be done via Calling to Red Lobster. For that, you just need to connect with them by dialing this number:(877) 720-6601. The operator will give you some instructions, follow them to know the balance in your Red Lobster Gift Card.

So, These are the three simple ways to do your Red Lobster Gift Card Balance Check. Keep going to know more details about the gift card.

Red Lobster Gift Card

Red Lobster Gift cards are one of the best presents to give to your foodie friends and family, especially when the person is the lover of the Seafood. You can buy this gift card online at the Red Lobster website. Red Lobster provides both in digital and in physical i..e plastic form. It’s up to your choice whether you want to send it as an e-Gift Card or directly mail it to your loved one’s address.

When you mail the Red Lobster Plastic Gift Card, you will also get the free greeting card. The shipping of this plastic gift card is done via UPS mail service. Please note that these gift cards are only used in all Red Lobster Restaurants that are located in the USA.

You can also track your order of Red Lobster Gift Card Online. The gift card provided by Red Lobster can neither expire nor do they lose their value. But always remember to do your Red Lobster Gift Card Balance Check!

The Red Lobster also provides the service of Corporate gift cards. You can order them in bulk, but for that, you have to contact the first Corporate Gift Cards Storefront. So choose which one is right for you or for your loved one and enjoy the delicious offers provided by the Red Lobster Restaurant!

How To Use E-Gift Card

You will get your E-gift card via e-mail on your mobile. Then click “View Your Gift Card” or “Activate Your Card” button to see it. Now you have your E-Gift Card, you can use this card in two different ways:

  • By printing it. Click the “Print Your Gift Card” button to print to your E-Gift Card.
  • Or you can also use it just by saving it in your device. Then whenever you visit the restaurant, show your E-card saved in your device to pay your bill.

Sometimes it happens that while using this gift card, the user forgets about the balance. So always keep an eye on this and whenever you use your gift card, do your Red Lobster Gift Card Balance Check.

Red Lobster Gift Card Is Lost?

If your Gift card is stolen, lost or simply misplaced give a call to customer care at 1 (800) 562-7837. Follow the instructions given by them like providing them with your card details and identity proof. After it’s done, your old card will be blocked and a new card will be issued with the remaining balance.


Concluding the article, one thing is sure that it’s quite easy and simple to buy and use the Red Lobster Gift Card. I hope you understand how to do the different methods for Red Lobster Gift Card Balance Check and what to do if your gift card is lost or misplaced. Red Lobster does give the amazing combo to their customer: That is Delicious Food with Good Service.

So, give this gift card to your foodie loved ones and make their day! Red Lobsters also urges its customers to send suggestions, questions or any other complaints. You can contact them through the message.

But so do us! Do tell us in comments whether you like the article or not! If you have any suggestions, drop them in comments. If you love the article, share it with your Family and Friends and support Us.

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