Pottery Barn Gift Card Balance Check | 3 Super Easy Ways

Today’s article is gonna direct you to the Pottery Barn Gift Card Balance Check. In this article, we are going to show you the exact steps to check the balance of your Pottery Barn Gift Card. We will be sharing some links and clicks that will directly lead you to where you can look over your Pottery Barn Gift Card Balance Check in just 5 minutes.

Because we are sharing real links that will take you to the form of checking the balance of your Pottery Barn Gift Card. All you have to do is go through this page once and follow our guidelines.

Pottery Barn Gift Card Balance Check

Some of you might also wanna like to know about the Pottery Barn Credit Card and eGift Cards. We will help you to go through a link after you have done reviewing your balance of Pottery Barn Gift Card checked. This is a complete guide for you towards the steps of how you can inspect your Pottery Barn Gift Card Balance Check.

1. Checking Through Online

  • First, make sure you have your gift card with you because you need it to have all these details to survey your Pottery Barn Gift Card Balance Check.
  • Now, as you see in the above click, you need to locate your Gift Card Number that is termed as 16-Digit Card Number ( XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX ). Once you find your Gift Card Number, write it down or memorize it.

Pottery Barn Gift Card Balance Check Online Details

  • You need to enter ( fill ) this 16-Digit Card Number in the form to check your Gift Card Balance through online procedure.
  • As you can see, you also need an 8-Digit PIN Number ( XXXXXXXX )  to check your remaining balance you’re left with.
  • If you can’t find any of these numbers ( details ), flip your card and you can locate both numbers on the backside of your card.
  • Enter these details and you will be able to see your exact remaining balance on your card.

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2. Checking Through Store

  • Whenever you are going to monitor your Pottery Barn Gift Card Balance Check, make sure you don’t forget to take your card with you. You can also study the on-mark amount of your Gift Card at the Pottery Barn Stores.
  • You can also do the hunt of the Pottery Barn Stores ( whether you want to go to Pottery Barn Kids Stores or Pottery Barn Teen Stores ) nearby you with applying a distance filter.
  • Here’s a click of locating the Pottery Barn Stores with the distance filter. Have a look at it.

Pottery Barn Stores Locator

  • Enable the GPS Location in your phone and select an option in the dropdown list of this distance filter within your desired range of distance.
  • Also, you have to click on the checkboxes if you want to go for either store because without selecting any option, it will show you the nearby located stores of both categories.
  • Once you have filled all these required details, click on the ‘FIND A STORE’ button and that will show you your needful results. Choose any nearby located store of your choice and use your card for whatever things you need.
  • After your purchase from this card, the amount of that transaction will be simultaneously deducted from your total remained balance.
  • If you are undone knowing your balance, then you have to ask them to do the Pottery Barn Gift Card Balance Check.

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3. Checking Through Phone.

  • You have another way of viewing the Pottery Barn Gift Card Remaining Assmount Check, by Phone. You will find a contact number ( X . XXX . XXX . XXXX ).
  • Once you detect the number, you have to make a call to that number. You are now connected to their Customer Service Representatives to whom you can ask about any inquiries related to your Gift Card or to discover their store locations.
  • They are going to explain and resolve your problems and even help you with Pottery Barn Gift Card Balance Check.
  • If you are still not able to find that contact number then I have already shared a click of it with you. Have a good eye on it. You will find that number below your Pottery Barn Gift Card 16-Digit Number.

Pottery Barn Gift Card Backside

Pottery Barn Paper Gift Certificates

In case if you explore the balance of your Paper Gift Certificates, let me tell you you can’t do that online. And if you want to redeem any other Paper Gift Certificates or Catalog your Request, you have to dial on 1.888.779.5176 which is going to connect you to their Customer Service Representatives.

Pottery Barn Gift Card

Pottery Barn has Gift Cards that are shipped free and delivered within 4-6 days. Not only they have Gift Cards, but eGift Cards too, which would deliver on any future date.

Adding to that, they have upgraded with Group Gift Cards and how to redeem them, take a fresh look at this link. In case if you lost or your gift card is stolen, then here’s your Customer Supportive Link.

Your 16-Digit Card Number and 8-Digit PIN Number

About Pottery Barn

In this article ( Pottery Barn Gift Card Balance Check ), we have listed a brief relative and necessary information about the company. Pottery Barn is a sparkling eCommerce website having multiple channels, started in New York. It is known for every single far-reaching homeware module business in all categories such as furniture, outdoor, bedding, bath, windows, lighting, mirrors, and art, kitchen and dining, gifts, etc.

Now this company’s headquarter is located in San Fransisco, California. They have around 170 number of locations in 2015. Recently, in 2017, they have developed their augogram based reality app for iOS that is helping and allowing their users to nearly place Pottery Barn modules anywhere in their home and save their ideas related to room or home-designing.


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