Maurices Gift Card Balance Check [One Click Information]

Everybody loves to stay updated with the latest trend especially the females. And Maurices is one of the popular names when it comes to buying these trendy clothing and accessories. So having its gift card does not sound surprising at all. But if you are having confusion on how to do Maurices Gift Card Balance Check then don’t worry, because after reading this whole column all your doubts will be clear. In this article, you will know more than one way to check the balance of Maurice’s gift card. Moreover, I will also give you a brief about all the information that you need to know about the Maurices.

Maurices Gift Card Balance Check

So let’s start this column by seeing the different ways to do the Maurices Gift Card Balance Check. Maurices takes its services seriously. So the company provides not only one but three ways to check your balance of Maurice Gift Card. They are:

  • Checking Online
  • Check In-Store
  • ¬†Calling Maurices

All the above methods are quite easy to do. But I suggest you that read this article carefully and understand it completely to avoid any confusion while doing the Maurices Gift Card Balance Check.

Checking Online

This one is the simplest method out of all three. You will just need your mobile phone or any other electronic device like a laptop with a good internet connection. Oh, and of course you will also need your gift card number and its pin number. Then go to the official website of Maurices and scroll down till you find the option of “Shop Gift Cards”. You can see in the image below.

Maurices Page

Then you will be navigated to another page. Now on this page, you will find the various options of purchasing the gift card.  But again scroll down till the end and you will find a block as shown below to do Maurices Gift Card Balance Check.

Maurices Gift Card Balance Check

You can also visit this page directly by clicking here, but remember to scroll till the end. Now once you reach here, enter the number that is given on the backside of your gift card. Then enter the PIN Number and click on the Check Balance button. And Viola! you know now that balance you have in your gift card.

Maurices Gift Card Number

This method will save your time and energy both. So just sit back, relax, take the phone and go to the official site and do the Maurices Gift Card Balance Check.

Check In-Store

This method is your perfect excuse to give a visit to the Maurices store and update your wardrobe. Also, this option is easy. Just go to your nearest Maurices Store and ask the cashier or the staff working there to do your Maurices Gift Card Balance Check. And due to any reason if you don’t know one, do not worry and use this store locator. This locator will help you find the nearest store by just asking you to enter the city or state name. It will also let you search by the Zip Code.

Maurices Store

Calling Maurices

As I mentioned before in this article, Maurices does take its customers and how services are provided to them seriously. So, again the store gives you one more option of doing Maurices Gift Card Balance Check. If you don’t have time to visit the store or internet for checking online then you can simply call them. Yes, just give a call on their customer care number 866-977-1542. Then follow the instructions as given by the operator and whoosh! you know now the balance you have in your Maurices Gift Card.

Maurices Gift Card

Okay, now let’s see some other information in this Maurices Gift Card Balance Check Column. Now we all know that when it comes to giving presents we all become confused for a moment. Many questions come in our mind but I am sure this question is the first that comes in everyone’s mind: What to gift?! And then it becomes more frustrating when the person who you are gifting is the lover of trendy outfits and accessories and you want to buy them one as a gift. Color, Size, Patterns and much such other confusion arises and sometimes you even start doubting whether they will genuinely love the gift or not.

Maurices Gift Card

But, But, But when Maurices is there then don’t worry my friend! What I mean by this is that you can simply give them Maurices Gift Card! The rates of this gift card start from $10 and end up to $500. These gift cards are both available in plastic and e-gift card form. Also, they will give you many gift card customization options, so you can choose one according to the occasion.

If you purchase the Plastic gift card online, it will be delivered to you in 1-10 business days and if you are sending it to someone as a gift then once it is delivered, you will automatically get a confirmation mail.

Step To Purchase Maurices Gift Card

  1. Go to the official website of Maurices and sign in, on your account.
  2. Then scroll the page till the end and go to “Shop Gift Card Option” (As shown in the above image).
  3. Another page will be opened where you will find varieties of Gift cards, both in Plastic and E-gift card form. Choose the one you like.
  4. Now you will be navigated to another page, where you will ask about the recipient details and the amount of the gift card.
  5. Enter the details and click on the Add To Bag Button.
  6. Once the above steps are done, you will be asked to check out and to pay the amount.

Using the above steps, you can easily buy the Maurices Gift Card of your choice.


Wrapping up this column, I hope now you understand how to do Maurices Gift Card Balance Check. Moreover, now you also know how to purchase the Maurices Gift Card. But if you still have any additional questions or doubts, do let us know in the comment section. We will respond to you as soon as possible. Also, let us know your opinion on this article through the comment section. You can also follow Maurices on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and even on LinkedIn to stay updated with the store items and offers. And if you want to know about how to check the balance of other store gift cards, make sure to check out our articles on it.

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