JCPenney Gift Card Balance Check [3 Ways, Issues, And Solution]

Hello everyone! How you guys are doing? I guess not well. Since you are here I think you are searching for some information about the JCPenney gift card balance check. Let me congratulate you on arriving at the right place for the solution to your queries. In this article, I will give you every single information in detail about how to check your JCPenney gift card balance, where you can get this gift card and much more information for the JCPenney gift card balance check.

A JCPenney gift card is also known as a gift certificate or gift voucher in America. These cards are prepaid value money cards that are issued by the company JCPenney which can be used as an alternative to cash for the purchases within the company or its related sub-brands.

JCPenney Gift Card Balance Check

Well all of us must be having a JCPenney gift card at some point in our lifetime and some of us might also have some queries related to JCPenney gift card balance check. So let me inform you that, Checking the balance of your JCPenney gift card is a very simple task if you follow our every step and read this article till the last line. We will be discussing all the ways to check the balance of the JCPenney gift card and also some brief information on JCPenney company. I will also inform you about the ways of how you can get a JCPenney gift card. So there are three ways you can check the balance of your JCPenney gift card. Let me tell you about all three ways in brief.

Checking Balance Online

You can perform a JCPenney gift card balance check by visiting the official website of the JCPenney company. Or you can click the provided link to directly jump to the JCPenney gift card balance check webpage Click here. After visiting this page follow the instructions mentioned below to successfully see the balance of your JCPenney gift card.JCPenney gift card balance check page

  1. Enter your 19-digit card number which is printed on your JCPenney gift card in the card number field.
  2. Then enter a 4-digit PIN which will also be provided on your gift card.
  3. Solve the CAPTCHA properly.
  4. After entering all the required details, click on the ‘Check Balance’ button.
  5. And that’s it, the website will display the balance of your gift card on the screen.

Checking Balance by Phone


You can do your JCPenney gift card balance check on your phone also. So to perform the check by this method you just have to make a call on the company’s number and ask the executive for the information of balance on your JCPenney gift card. The number for customer queries and for balance check related information is 1-800-294-8804. Call on this number, the company’s representative will attend it and you can ask for your desired information and the will provide every information you need.

Checking Balance at Store

Store Image

The third way to check the balance on your JCPenney gift card is by visiting the JCPenney associated store nearby you. Keep in mind to carry your JCPenney gift card with you at the store. After reaching the shop, tell the shop that you want to perform your JCPenney gift card balance check. He will ask for your JCPenney gift card, provide him your gift card and he will take care of the rest of the processes and after completion of all the processes, he will give you all the information regarding the balance of your JCPenney gift card.

JCPenney Gift Cards

JCPenney Gift card image

JCPenney gift cards are the perfect gifts to anyone on any occasion. You can gift them to your family and friends of any age group. Even some organizations are gifting the JCPenney gift card as a reward to their employees. JCPenney gift card comes in two forms the one is in plastic form and the second one is in electronic form. You can have any of these of your own choice. Through this gift card, you can get great discounts on top-level brands of shopping things like apparel, home furnishings, jewelry, cosmetics, and cookware.

JCPenney Gift Card T&C

Here are some of the terms and condition which you must keep in mind if you own a JCPenney gift card, and you want to perform a JCPenney gift card balance check operation:

  1. The card will not have any value until activated.
  2. You can replace your lost, stolen or damaged cards with the new gift card. The remaining balance of the stolen gift card will be credited in a new gift card.
  3. The card does not have any fees or expiration dates.
  4. While performing the JCPenney gift card balance check at any of its stores, you must have the card present with you at that specific time.


J.C. Penney Corporation, Inc., is an American retail company which was founded by James Cash Penney in the year 1902. The company is also named after him as J.C.Penney. This company was earlier known as J.C Penney Stores Company from 1913 to 1924. The present name was approved in 1968. So now in the 21st century, the company roughly operates around 1000 stores in the U.S and Puerto Rico. The headquarters of the company are in Plano, Texas.

In the year 2006, the company made an announcement that stated that the company is in partnership with Sephora, which is a company of cosmetics chain, to open Sephora outlets in selected JCPenney stores. A remarkable percentage of revenue was generating for JCPenney from online purchases by the year 2010, and then the company discontinued its catalog sales.


Consequently, All the information related to the JCPenney gift card balance check is mentioned above in the article. Besides process, we have also given a brief knowledge about the JCPenney company and also about its gift cards. I have also mentioned some of the terms and conditions which you have to keep in mind if you own a JCPenney gift card.

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