Gamestop Gift Card Balance Check | Verified Process

The Gamestop Gift Card Balance Check can be broken down into 3 processes through which you can help yourself to know the exact balance in your gift card. It feels incomplete if you have a gift card and have no idea how much balance does it have. This will just keep you in a blind spot and you can not shop accordingly and will be surprised at the counter while checking out. To avoid this you should read further and know how you can learn about your gift card balance with a few simple steps.

GameStop Gift Card Balance Check Methods

Now, there are 3 processes through which you can know about your gift card balance. Both processes are completely different from each other. You will have to follow the exact steps in order to successfully complete the process. In order to explain the process better, we have divided it into steps so you could follow it easily. Moving on,  the first method is to know your Gamestop gift card balance check online.

Gamestop Gift Card Balance Check

Check Your Balance Online

In case you are thinking of making an online purchase and want to use your Gamestop gift card. Then, knowing your gift card balance at that moment would be helpful for you. In such cases, your gift card balance information would come in handy. So there is a process using which you can get to know your gift card balance without having to go anywhere. So follow the steps below and you will learn how to find your Gamestop Gift Card Balance Check.

  • Visit the GameStop website and log in.
  • Now, go to the gift card section and you will see a few blanks you need to fill.
  • Start with entering your account number
  • Then, enter the PIN number
  • After this solve the Recaptcha
  • And finally, click on the check balance

This should complete your balance check process and you will be shown your balance in the next screen. Once you get to know your balance. You can plan your purchases and then maybe shop smartly using the balance you have in your gift card. If somehow you are not able to follow this process There are another 2 processes you could try to know your gift card balance.

Check Your Balance With A Call

Yes, you can do the Gamestop Gift Card Balance Check process using your phone too. In this process, you simply have to just make a call and answer a few details. Unlike the previous process, there is no use of your computer or laptop or the internet for that matter. For this process we recommend you sit with your Gamestop Gift Card. You can then make a call on 877-427-3526.

This call will be answered by a recorded message. It will give you a few instructions which you need to follow. These instructions will be to tell your account number or your gift card number etc. For this reason, sitting with your gift card will prove to be helpful. After you have done what was asked for it will tell you your gift card balance. This way just over a call you will complete your Gamestop Gift Card Balance Check. For some reason, if you can not make a call, then you still have an option open.

Check Your Balance By Visiting The Store

In case you are already outside and planning to go shop at GameStop to shop a few things. You can easily know your gift card balance. Just don’t forget to carry your gift card with you. You can just go to the counter and ask them to help you know your gift card balance. They will ask you a few details to access your profile and then they can help you with your gift card balance.

GameStop Gift Card

Gamestop Gift Card

We hope you understood the GameStop gift card balance check process. If you now are interested in knowing a little more about the GameStop gift card, this information will help you. So one of the purposes of this gift card is to gift it to your friends so that they can buy anything they want from the store.  There are a variety of gift cards at GameStop. The value of the gift card ranges from $25 to $500. You will find the gift card at any GameStop store or you can also purchase it from their website and it will be delivered to you through the mail. There is no charge for the delivery of this gift card.


The GameStop Gift Card Balance Check is very easy if you follow the steps. We know it is very general and many people would know how to do this but we have also found many people who are not able to find their gift card balance. This information will help them to follow the steps and they are easy so they can also remember it. In case you find any kind of issue or trouble following this process. Ask about it in the comment section below.

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