Eddie Bauer Gift Card Balance Check [Learn The Best Way]

We will be talking about the Eddie Bauer Gift Card Balance Check in this article. To begin with our topic today, it will start with the Eddie Bauer Gift Card Balance Check process. Kindly read the entire article to know how to do it. For your easy reading, we have divided the article into sections. Apart from the process, there are details about the gift cards and the Eddie Bauer store. Hopefully, after reading this, you will be able to do the balance check yourself.

Eddie Bauer Gift Card Balance Check

This section is all about the Eddie Bauer Gift Card Balance Check process. You will learn how to check your balance in this part. Basically, there are three ways through which you can check your balance. Directly visit a store or online way or by calling up at a store. Let us now explain each of the methods in detail below:

In-store Balance Check

Let us begin with the simplest method then. Here we will talk about the Eddie Bauer Gift Card Balance Check in person. For this, all you have to do is to visit a nearby store of Eddie Bauer and ask them to help you. Also, remember to carry your gift card along with you. On reaching the Eddie B. store, approach any customer care executive and tell them your purpose of visit. Provide your details and they will help you out. You may have to read out the gift card number or just hand over the card to them. The rest of the work is theirs. The staff will enter the information and once your balance is displayed, it will e conveyed to you directly. It is an easy method, moreover, if this isn’t feasible for you, try reading the other methods we have written.

Online Balance Check

Now we are going to discuss the most convenient method. The online Eddie Bauer Gift Card Balance Check is really easy and simple if you follow the steps we have mentioned here. The very first thing we have to do here is to log in into the official page first. Apart from this, you can also directly check your balance. Just follow the steps we have mentioned below and it will just take a few clicks:

  1. If not logging in, you can also directly check your balance. Follow this link.
  2. Just below the purchase options, you can see the ‘check balance’ option. Eddie Bauer Gift Card Balance Check
  3. Click on that. A small window will pop-up which looks like the picture here.
  4.  As you can see, you have to enter your gift card number and the pin n the provided blank spaces.
  5. Turn your card and the 19 numbers you see on the to of your card is your gif card number.
  6. Follow that by the pin number, you have to scratch the part shaded to view your pin number.
  7. Lastly, click on ‘check balance’ and your balance will be displayed.

Thus, this was all about the online process. I’m sure you could get through this as it was a really simple one. Do let us know which method you prefer most from the ones we have mentioned here.

Eddie Bauer Gift Card Balance Check Through Phone

The last method we have here is the Eddie Bauer Gift Card Balance Check through the phone. In order to check your balance by making a call to the store, you must have a number. Let us help you out with that, dial this number for a balance check 1-800-426-8020. Remember to keep your gift card handy for this purpose as you will have to read out or enter the 19-digit number on your card. You may also have to answer a few basic questions like your name and number. Answer them and proceed. The main part is to enter the card number and the pin.

You can try to match your gift card with the picture here to identify the gift card number and the pin. Once you have conveyed the correct details, your balance will be conveyed to you on call. However, you can also choose to get a text message or an email statement of your balance.

Eddie Bauer Gift Card Balance Check

Eddie Bauer Gift Card

Eddie Bauer Gift Card Balance Check

Since this article is of Eddie Bauer Gift Card Balance Check, you must know about the gift cards they provide. You can customise your gift card but it will be available only in two forms only. All gift cards provided can be either in an eGift card form or the physical card. The denominations start from $10-$500. You can purchase these cards in a store of Eddie Bauer or online. Gift yourself or your loved ones a gift card to avail exciting offers and earn points on every purchase. All the earned points can then be redeemed after certain intervals.

Preface of Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer is a retail store that deals in clothing for all men, women and kids, outdoor gear and sportswear. It was founded in the year 1920 and has its headquarters in Washington, USA. Currently, they serve in the US, Canada, Japan and Germany and have 370 stores in total. All their products can be purchased from their online store and even from the store in your area. Getting a gift card will help you get discounts and points on every purchase. Hope the mentioned methods were helpful to you.


This was all about the Eddie Bauer Gift Card Balance Check. We sincerely hope that this article was helpful to you to some extent. According to our research, we have tried to include every relevant information here. Apart from the balance check process, there is information on the gift cards and also the store. Until we come with fresh articles, how about you read more from our site. For example, you can read the Kohls gift card balance check. However, if you feel we missed out anything important, do let us know in the comments below. Thank you for reading and do leave your feedback below.

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