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Gift cards are very common these days. From traditional commerce to e-commerce, gift cards are sold now like a regular product. Especially when it comes to online shopping, people are more leaning towards them. But there are still many questions people have in their minds about gift cards. Today, in this article I am going to explain about eBay gift cards and how to do eBay Gift Card Balance Check in simple ways.

eBay Gift Card Balance Check

Doing the eBay Gift Card Balance Check is very simple. You will just need an electronic device (like a mobile phone, laptop, tablet or iPad, Desktop, etc.) with a good internet connection. You will also need an account on eBay. So let’s head into details of how to check your gift card balance.

Doing eBay Gift Card Balance Check: 

This method is very easy to do and understand to do an eBay Gift Card Balance Check. First of all, you will need an account on eBay. If you don’t have one, you can sign up on eBay.com manually or using your Gmail or Facebook account. If you already have one, then just go to the sign-in option on the page.

eBay Sign Up Page

Now after this step now go to on Gift Card Option available on the menu that is on top of the screen. Then go to the Check Your Balance that given on the left menu.

eBay Gift Card Balance Menu

When you will click on this option, another page will open asking your card details. Enter your 13 digit redemption code available on the card and click on Check Balance. Now you will know the balance you have on your card.

eBay Gift Card Balance Check

And this is how you do eBay Gift Card Balance Check. Still, having questions? Don’t worry and keep scrolling to know more!

eBay Gift Card

eBay is one of the popular e-commerce platforms for shopping. But what makes it more amazing is their gift cards. And when you are living in a country like the USA, having an eBay gift card is very common. But as the popularity of this eBay gift card increased, the question also increased in the minds of people. Doubts like how to do eBay Gift Card Balance Check, Does it expires or not, how to buy them, etc, etc. So in this column, I am going to cover all the questions that people have about eBay Gift Cards.

First of all, what is eBay Gift Cards? eBay gift cards are the perfect gift, every time. It means that you can buy them for yourself(sometimes you also need to pamper yourself with shopping!) or give them to someone as a gift. One of the benefits of these gift cards is also that you are letting someone choose their own gift, according to their choice and need. Plus, it saves you time and energy. And it’s easy to use too! But remember that You need to do an eBay Gift Card Balance Check after you make use of it.

Buy eBay Gift Card

Buying this gift is very simple. The very first thing you need to do is make an account(US registered) on eBay and if you already have one then you are just a few steps away to get your gift card.

eBay provides this gift card in both digital and physical form. It is up to you, whether you want to go for a digital one or a plastic one. You can perform the eBay Gift Card Balance Check for any kind of eBay gift card. You can get your plastic one mailed on your address. For the digital one, you can simply redeem it while paying on the website. You can buy this gift card online through eBay or there are many retailers like Target, Walmart, etc. who sell them. To see the full list of retails selling these eBay gift cards, click here. Note that these retailers sell these eBay gift cards in their physical form.

eBay Gift Card Use

Now when you have your eBay Gift Card, let’s see how to use it. There are some very simple steps to use this gift card. Keep reading to know more about it!

Go to ebay.com and sign in to your account. Find the thing you want to purchase. Now add it into the cart.
use of eBay Gift CardAfter adding it to the cart, click Proceed to checkout.

Now scroll down. There you will see the box that has a label “Enter Code”. Type your 13 digit code given in your gift card and then click Apply.

Redeem Code And then proceed to checkout normally. If your gift card has enough balance to buy your purchase, you will not need to pay any amount. But if your gift card doesn’t cover your whole payment, then you need to pay the remaining amount. And don’t forget to do an eBay Gift Card Balance Check after the purchase to know the remaining balance you have now in your gift card.

Also, if you return the item that you bought using the gift card then the amount will be refunded on the gift card itself. A gift card can only be used for a single account. These gift cards can only be used when you have a US registered account and you want your purchased item to be shipped at a US address.

Additional Notes To Be Taken Care Of:

1.PayPal Account: You should have a PayPal account to use gift cards as they are linked to them.

2. Mandatory Account: You should have an account on eBay to buy them as you can’t purchase them as a guest on eBay.

3.Restricted Use: You cannot use these gift cards to buy gold, silver or any other metals. You also cannot buy other gift cards, coupons, gift certificates, or currency like coins or any virtual currency that are available on eBay.

4. Gift Card Use Per Transaction: You can use 8 gift cards per transaction on eBay. eBay will not accept more than that.


Concluding this column, I hope you know now how to do the eBay Gift Card Balance Check. Also, I hope you understood the other details of the eBay Gift Card and all your confusion or doubts are cleared. If you still have any, do let us know in the comments! Also, check out our other articles if you want to know about different gift Cards. Tell us in comments what do you think about the column and don’t forget to share with your family and friends if you loved the article.

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