Athleta Gift Card Balance Check [Problems And Solutions]

Yes! yet again we are back with a new article. So, today we will give you very detailed information about the Athleta Gift Card Balance Check. Once you go through the entire article, you will learn how to check your balance. Apart from the Athleta Gift Card Balance Check process here, we have also tried to tell you more stuff about the store and the gift cards. The next section is mainly about the methods you can apply to check your balance. Read them and see which one is easy for you.

Athleta Gift Card Balance Check

In this section, we will discuss the methods of checking your balance. Basically, there are three methods to check your balance. You can directly go to a store to check or check it online or make a phone call. Therefore, here we will discuss the Athleta Gift Card Balance Check process. Let us now discuss three of the methods in detail below:

Athleta Gift Card Balance Check Through the Phone

The first method we will talk about here is the Phone check. The Athleta Gift Card Balance Check process through the phone is a convenient way. All you need to know here is the phone number of the store. Making your work easier, if you do not have the number you can dial 1-877-328-4538. Once you call on this number, remember to keep your gift card handy. Initially, the person at the other end might ask you basic questions like your name and number.

Answer the questions and proceed. The main part is when you will be asked to provide your gift card number and the pin. Turn your card towards the backside and you will see a 16-digit number, that is the gift card number. And on the extreme right, the pin below the barcode. If it is computer-operated, you have to choose the gift card option and then process to enter the number. If you have entered the correct details or conveyed the correct information, your balance will be told to you on the call itself.

Athleta Gift Card Online Balance Check

Coming to the second method, the Athleta Gift Card Balance Check in an online way. There are some steps which you have to follow in order to check your balance online. It is a very simple method considering you follow our mentioned steps. Firstly, you can choose to log-in in your account first or follow the steps below:

  1. After you have logged in, look for the gift card option. Here is the direct link to the direct page.  Athleta Gift Card Balance Check
  2. Once the page has opened, you will see a ‘Check Balance’ option in the middle of the page. Click on that.
  3. A new window will open up asking you for your gift card number and the pin. The page will look like this picture on your right.
  4. Look at your gift card on the backside and enter the 16-digit number you see there.
  5. Follow that entering your pin. Click on ‘I am not a robot’ and ‘check balance’.
  6. Upon entering the correct details, your balance will show on the screen.

Thus, this is how easy the online method is. You can check your balance at your convenient time and place. In case you are not able to follow this method, read the next one.

Athleta Gift Card In-store Balance Check

In-store balance check simply means that you have to visit the store in person. This section is a guide to how you can do this Athleta Gift Card Balance Check in a store. All you have to do is visit a nearby store of Athleta. This is really simple and hassle-free just remember to carry your gift card along with you to the store. Once you reach a store, approach a customer executive or any staff to help you out. Tell them your purpose to the store and they will guide you through it.

In case you have no idea which number is what, just hand over your gift card to the staff. they will enter the details and if the information is correct, the balance will be displayed. You will also be conveyed your balance right there. However, you can choose to get the balance statement emailed to you. Hoping the methods were feasible to you and you could at least try one of the mentioned ones.

Athleta Gift Card

Athleta Gift Card Balance Check

Since this article was about the Athleta Gift Card Balance Check, let us brief you about the gift cards. Athleta provides two categories of gift cards for various festive seasons and occasions. You can gift yourself or your loved one either a physical gift card on eGift card. The best part about these is that the cards come with no processing fee and have no expiry date. The denominations for gift cards start from $10- $ 500. Get a card for yourself and avail the additional discounts and offers. Earn points on every purchase you make and redeem them after intervals.

Preface of Athleta 

Athleta is a subsidiary of the Gap Inc. The Gap Inc was founded in the year 1969, with its headquarters in San Fransico, California, USA. It has 2,406 stores in the USA and 3,727 in total throughout the world. The other subsidiaries of Gap are Banan Republic, Old Navy and Hill City. If you are a regular customer of either of these stores, get a gift card to avail the exclusive offers.


This was all about the Athleta Gift Card Balance Check. We sincerely hope that this article was helpful to you in some way at least. According to our information and research, we have tried to include all the important details. However, if you feel that we have missed out any relevant point, do let us know in the comments below. Until we post a new article, do go through our site and read more articles if you still haven’t. Well, for example, you can read the Visa Gift Card Balance check. Thank you for reading this, we will look forward to your feedback.

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